Innovation Studio


For those already familiar with my work, you know that I host another site, NetGenStudio. This studio discusses and provides a clearinghouse of materials on innovation studios. Studios are an additional thrust behind the IT-CORPe effort, thus I find it compelling to include that information, and suggest review of the content at NetGenStudio.


{It starts with an idea…then it becomes an innovation}

Considering planning an innovation studio? Fantastic – you’ve come to the right place! If you have not yet visited the library, you can simply click the link and/or use the following logistics.

Innovation Studios are not new but they are relevant and consistently productive: that is when they are well-planned, well-managed and outcomes-based. Many organizations like the idea of an innovation studio, round table or networking meeting, but find meticulous planning, outreach and promotion either overwhelming or irritating. Understood. We’ve all gotten out fair share of e-mail blasts for yet another meet-and-greet-with-so-and-so. Meh. So, why are Innovation Studios unique and priceless? Largely because the focus is on the attendees – not the canned message that comes barreling out of its aluminum shackles.

Start with an idea….

  • Define your challenges.
  • Review your history of successes and issues.
  • Revisit your mission and vision.

Move to innovation….

  • What clearly isn’t working?
  • What can be changed?
  • Where are new opportunities and collaborations?
  • Do you have an online presence that reaches the right audience?
  • Are you recruiting new members into your organization at a rate that matches/exceeds/is not competitive with market trends?
  • Do you have a sustainable plan for the future?

All of these questions and concerns represent intellectual fodder for you and your colleagues on all sides of giving: philanthropists, fundraisers, financial advisers and community constituents. While many philanthropists wish to define themselves according to individual foci, there is always cause to assume that highlights and challenges are among the non-unique features of an organization.

One of the greatest benefits of the charrette is that the tight deadlines and parameters necessitate thinking and acting quickly.” –

So, how can these considerations help you become a change agent?


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