I, ________________________________________, understand that by signing this Agreement I am entering into responsibility for my health and wellness. I confirm that I have the approval of a physician to perform physical activity and will comply with the regulations of the contract. I do not hold Sara Eastwick or Saraeastwick-ItCORPE liable for personal injury sustained because of my actions or negligence. I understand the risks involved with performing physical activity, that some soreness and pain is expected with some activity, and I should voice my inability to complete any activity because of a health concern, previous injury or a specific condition.



Personal Training Contract




Client Name: _______________________________



Phone: ____________________________________



Email: ____________________________________




Address: __________________________________



I understand and agree to the following terms and conditions:



The amount due each session is ____________________.



Please notify me at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled workout. If I have not been

notified before the designated time, you will be billed for your absence.



3. Start Date:___________________________________


4. I will set and manage my own goals in concert with my personal training or nutrition counselor. I will make every effort to take control of my own health and wellness.

I have read and understand the above contract:









Personal Trainer Signature






Client Signature






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