Inundated by the sheer volume of blogs alone and growing further blog-weary from those promising ELITE fitness and nutrition tips, many of us slog through the limitless expanse of the internet to find something we’re not even certain we’re seeking. To combat this drudgery, this blog is invested in putting everything up front for you: links to research if you’re into science-based articles; links to fitness websites if you want the latest trends in working out; links to fitness clothes and gear if that’s your jam; opportunities to join events and challenges; and links to the “Big Guys” – Team Beachbody, Men’s Health, Muscle & Fitness and more moguls from the industry.

Guided by logic, the information housed here provides a solid foundation for you and should open the door to grand scale of discussions. Still, a key feature of IT-CORPe is the interpersonal aspect: Twice yearly, we’ll host events that bring our core group & friends together for an amazing day of group workouts led by each of you, presentations by successful INDEPENDENT trainers and coaches, the latest in exercise science and physiology research, and so much more. We borrow from academics for the symposium feel, but create an energetic atmosphere that will reinvigorate your passion for fitness and health.

Are you in the right place? You bet!

IT-CORPe – Independent Trainers & Coaches Organizing Responsible Professional Exercise


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