Saraeastwickitcopre is a page begun, maintained and promoted by me, Sara Elizabeth Eastwick. I consider myself a lifelong athlete and student of the world with little to deter my hunger for new, improved methods and approaches to just about everything. My own personal experience guides the content I post and the manner in which I support those who seek my advice and counsel on nutrition and fitness. My philosophy is highly integrative and holistic: every body is different, but we all posses the common feature of each body system working in tandem with the others. I am patient, organized, researched and driven. If you have a specific question, please ask and I will make a concerted attempt to find you the best possible answers!


Education & Certifications:

University of Delaware (1997-2000): Psychology/Health/English

West Chester University of PA (2002): Bachelor of Science: Education

West Chester University of PA (2011): Master of Education: Special Education

University of Pennsylvania (2010): Clinical Research Coordinator Certification

Huntingdon College of Health Science (2013): Vitamins, Minerals and Nutra-ceuticals

NASM (2013): Fitness Nutrition Specialist

NESTA (2014): Core Conditioning Specialist

Team Beachbody (2014): P90x Qualified Trainer

Precision Nutrition Level I (2014): Exercise and Sports Nutrition

FiTOUR (2014): Certified Personal Trainer

Spencer Pilates (2015)

Currently Working on:

Pain Management/Exercise Therapy Certification

Eating Disorders Counseling Certification

Chiropractic Clinical Assisting

View Research here: (work in progress) https://saraeastwickitcorpe.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=241


My Exercise Routine:

Mondays: 2 mile walk with dog @ 15min/mi; 45 min pilates

Tuesday: 2mi walk with dog @15min/mi; 30 min surfer yoga

Wednesday: 2mi run with dog @12 min/mi; 20 minute pilates

Thursday: 2mi walk with dog @15min/mi; 15 min Core Pilates

Fridays: 2mi run with dog @12 min/mi; 30 min yoga

Saturdays: 2 mi walk with dog @ 15min/mi; 15 min Core pilates

Sundays: 2mi run with dog @13min/mi; 30 min yoga


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