Yoga for Colds and Flu

I rarely admit defeat: slightly competitive and passionate about my health {and yours!}, I find it incredibly challenging to let the words “I’m sick” pass through my lips. Unfortunately for me and my ego, illness knows no boundaries, thus, as I sit here typing away, I have indeed inherited a few germs from the little cherubs I see daily as a behavior therapist.

Oh, the humanity!

To help relieve what I am feeling, I am taking all of the typical advice and precautions: drinking lots of fluids (including a special tea I make*), eating lots of fruits and vegetables, getting enough rest, and yes – having a sweat session daily. If you are truly unwell, feeling achy and/or a physician advises against physical activity please follow his/her advice. I am not a doctor. My advice is to discuss with your physician or for consideration by individuals who are relatively healthy (barring a minor cold/sore throat) and active and feel well enough to participate.

Walking the dog and even running outside feel okay for me, but since it’s gotten colder I find it difficult to work up the kind of germ-expelling sweat I seek. Indoor workouts like cardio videos, Pilates, yoga and the treadmill or stairmaster seem to fit the bill. Additionally, I found some amazefest Yoga for Colds videos, linked below. I admit that in college, I routinely utilized “Yoga for Hangovers” and found quick relief from pesky cheap wine headaches, so I felt rather assured these pose sequences would offer relief from my cold symptoms – they did.

Off we go:

BrettLarkinYoga (~30 mins):

Yoga With Adrienne (~20 mins):

Chaz Rough (~20 mins):

Vimalvyas (~10 mins):

*Cold Relief Tea (The taste is not for everyone, but this cleared my throat pain within hours, and relieved my sinus congestion in about one day. I drank 1 cup ~3 hours until symptoms cleared completely, in conjunction with exercise and a healthful diet.)

1 Cup filtered water, heated in microwave or to boiling over stove

1 herbal tea bag, any flavor

1 tbsp honey or 2 tsp brown sugar

1 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar

1 tsp Cayenne Pepper or Paprika

1 Lemon Wedge

I added all ingredients to hot water. As per my tea routine, I left the bag in: this is totally your preference.



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