#Whatsfittrending: Vegan Pregnancy

“You’re doing something harmful.” “You’re not getting enough {insert nutrient here}.” “You should eat {insert animal product}.” “Pregnant women should drink cow’s milk.”

Individuals lacking medical credentials have a lot of opinions in general, but some people find misdirected  importance in telling a pregnant woman what she should and should not put in (or on) her body. Nutrition offers unnavigable waters at times as it is, so where do the some people find the nerve to offer their unsolicited advice? Their hearts might be in the right place: we all want to see a child thrive; but the truth is, there are many ways to have a pregnancy that’s healthy for you and your baby, on your terms. As always, seek medical advice from a board certified professional.

There are scads of articles, links and entire magazines dedicated to “traditional” pregnancy diets and fitness. There are even quite a few discussing vegetarian or pescatarian diets, as many women throughout the world eat less meat than Americans, although we are fifth on the list of beef consumption.[1] In today’s post I wanted to address vegan and limited-animal-product prenatal diets.

Let’s try this premise on for size: You don’t need specific foods: you need nutrients.

What nutrients are specifically recommended?

MayoClinic recommendations: http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-living/pregnancy-week-by-week/in-depth/pregnancy-nutrition/art-20045082



Emerging roles for folate and related B vitamins in brain health across the lifecycle


RDA’s for Perinatology: http://perinatology.com/Reference/RDApregnancy.htm

On the B12 conversation:

The Role of utrition in children’s neurocognitive development, from pregnancy through childhood: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3607807/

Vegan Pregnancy Blogs & Websites:







Cognitive Development/IQ/prenatal diet correlative studies:

This article provides excellent resources and advice on what to eat to ensure a healthy diet and thus a healthy baby:


Pregnancy superpower (Spoiler alert: it’s omega 3):


Vegan Pregnancy Books:




Some questions have been raised regarding soy safety, certainly during pregnancy but also thereafter in terms of an appropriate and balanced diet for a growing child. There are soy-based formulas and soy butters marketed as alternatives to nut butters given the incidence in nut allergies. Below are some additional links regarding soy research and its proposed risk/benefit beginning with those trying to conceive through diets for children.

TTC Stage:

Soy food intake and treatment outcomes of women undergoing assisted reproductive technology


Pregnancy Stage:

Mayo Clinic:




Soy for Children

Being a soy boy won’t make you a girlie man


The unending IQ debate:


[1] http://beef2live.com/story-world-beef-consumption-per-capita-ranking-countries-0-111634


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