#Whatsfittrending: All About Extreme Fitness – Multitudinal Perspectives from the Fitness World

I have never attended a formal Boot Camp workout. I have never attended a box gym or participated in a formal CrossFit class. I have created home workouts that follow similar premises (I do a modified “Angie” after runs sometimes) and I would consider the workouts I create to be appropriately challenging while accessing the greatest health benefits for my clients and for me. Attention around these two fitness monoliths (i.e., Boot Camps and CrossFit) is fueled by their controversy, as with most popular arguments (vaccines, anyone? How about gluten?) – that’s what makes them arguments. Below I provide some commentary, some science, some pros and benefits, and some points to seriously consider if you are thinking about or have already begin an extreme fitness regimen. I’ve already received feedback that this post is “unfair” thus I continue my search for the solid science that proves the benefits of either or both method(s) of conditioning as aforementioned.

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Benefits of Crossfit

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A sidebar on Rhabdomyolysis:

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Current Sports Medicine Reports



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