#Whatsfittrending: Raw Power

Premised on the belief that there exist a multitude of avenues toward success, my philosophy on fitness approaches is that there is no one correct way. Every body moves differently, every metabolism processes differently, everyone seeks enjoyment in a different way. I have friends who are staunch power lifters: lighter weights and cardio are not for them. I have other friends who see little point in running fewer than five miles on any given day. I have still more friends who prefer aerobics and dance to anything else and find walking a tremendous waste of time. I see the benefit to all of it.

Curiously there are an equal host of nutritional approaches and schools of thought – nutrition for athletes, nutrition for health, nutrition for weight loss. Led astray by healthcare powerhouses, we have been living under the starchy weight of the admittedly flawed food guide pyramid. While the high-carb, low-fat approach might be worth it to some, for most it has led to dissatisfaction, weight gain, maybe even diabetes. Research is the lifeblood of scientific advancement: without it, we cannot progress into the next phase of optimum health. In a nation so mistrustful of media, who can we trust to guide our eating habits even when they are stamped with the research label? You have to read and make the decision for yourself.

My research and my opinions are captured in the Customizable Fitness Nutrition Planning page, although I will remark that I find a lower-carb, higher protein, vegetable-based diet to be the most healthful and most effective at weight management. I will also confide that I have recently begun a 90% raw diet – more on that in a later post. Below are research-based articles promoting a variety of approaches – I leave it to the reader to consider them, to discover what works best.

US News and World Report: Raw Diets

Long-term Effects, Low Carb Diet

Hypocaloric Diet: (Hypocaloric means eating fewer calories than the body burns)

Mediterranean Diet and Diabetes

Reduced Tumors with Low-Carb Diet

Low Carb/Low Fat Diet for Diabetes (Published by American Diabetes Assoc.)

Benefits, Risks Vegetarian Diet

Diets that Work: Endocrine Society

Vegetarian: Past, Present Future


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