#Whatsfittrending: Aquarius

Born in March, I’m a proper Pisces,  donning the aquamarine gemstone at all times – I love water. Since I was a small child I’ve taken to water like, well, a fish. Thus I am thoroughly intrigued by workouts that incorporate water but are not necessarily specifically swimming. I was recently introduced to a [newish] workout that makes perfect sense, so I was surprised to find myself unaware of it until now: Aquacycling. Dare I mention that this introduction came via guilty pleasure – Made in Chelsea? Yes, that’s right: this news did not come from a bold name in fitness but from a reality tv show. The workout is most popular in Europe, but there are gyms in the US that provide access to this workout. Below are some resources that provide greater insight on Aquacycling (also called hydro ride, hydroriding or pool biking).

Huffington Post Healthy Living

Fox News

Aquastudio NY


Women’s Health

Poolbiking (France – page can be translated)



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