#Whatsfittrending: Keep Your Guns and Take the Cannolis – High Protein, Muscle-supportive Treats

{Well, hello there, Friday, you sassy little vixen: it’s been too long.}

This week has been a blur of damage control and work-arounds. While I was *mostly* effective at derailing wrecks at my job the weight has left an indelible imprint. I always turn to exercise in times of stress: unfortunately, home stuff has proved a force against that as well. What to do when life gets hectic?

1. Clean, clean, super-clean diet! When you are eating well and feeling healthy you can manage things better. While you might find yourself scrambling to eke out run – just 20 minutes! – or do some half-hearted crunches, a clean diet will prevent the unraveling of your previous hard work.

2. Take a minute to breathe. So infrequently are we present enough to collect and regroup; we are so involved in doing what’s next.

3. If you have the time to exercise, do it! A brisk walk, a run, yoga, pilates, aerobics, swimming, weight lifting – whatever it is that makes you feel your best get out and do it.

4. Treat yourself. For some people, that means a spa day. For others, a pizza. If you want to indulge without wasting your efforts and still maintain a clean balance to your diet there are a slew of incredible resources. If you’re not the sort to spend your time shopping for ingredients and baking a high protein cookie, there are some fantastic restaurants and bakeries that now offer more than just the label – their products stand up to nutritional tests. Right now I am loving High Protein Cannoli Dip (what self-respecting Jersey Girl wouldn’t know how to make a from-scratch cannoli?!).

5. Plan ahead. These days, weeks, months, semesters come at us no matter what. If you have a plan – a decision tree, if you will – for what to do when working out and eating at home are not options, you won’t feel so powerless.

Your Resources for the day:

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