#Whatsfittrending: Trivia Tuesday Edition!!

Trivia represents both anxiety and rapture for me – a fitting diametric opposition within my complex personality. I never back down from a challenge, yet my ADHD introduces bone rattling anxiety and a fear of looking incredibly stupid. Nearly every Tuesday, my boyfriend and I go to a local pub for trivia night…OK, and nachos – flaws admitted. We feverishly scramble to answer each of the three 10-question rounds perfectly. Sometimes, you just know when something is out of your wheelhouse: for me, it’s mechanics and engineering; for him it’s fashion and pop culture. For the times our friends join us, we are all the better for it and have even enjoyed placing a time or two. In the spirit of the game I’ve assembled questions on today’s trends, Answers hidden until you click for them. {You can sort of cheat by reviewing my twitter feed first, but that’s not testing yourself, is it?!}

Good Luck!

  1. The most recent advice to support prevention and management of diabetes is for doctors to prescribe what?  Answer
  2. What is the most effective method for cardiovascular function improvement after myocardial infarction?        Answer
  3. What are two of the largest threats to runners racing in the summer? Answer
  4. In proper running form, how should your foot strike the ground?    Answer
  5. What are the characteristics of a bad personal trainer? (There are several; this article focused on five) Answer
  6. This specific type of adipose tissue can increase a metabolism by 15%: what is it? Answer
  7. Elite athletes might consult this type of medicine in order to prevent or rehab injuries and perform better: name the medical category and the practice.   Answer
  8. In order to better engage the core during a workout, you should do this: ___________    Answer
  9. An elite fitness system that focuses on a varied challenging daily routine has stormed through “box gyms.” What is it and what is the daily routine called? Answer
  10. This nighttime land of immersive light and sound provides a unique running experience. Answer

Lightning Round!

He is The Father of the Low Carbohydrate Diet Answer

*Hint: It is not Dr. Atkins.


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