#Whatsfittrending: Routines and Rewards

Welcome to a new week: a new opportunity to perform better, eat leaner and feel your best! The weekend, as predicted, elapsed in a blink and now, here we are: Monday. Monday Motivation is a common thread in itself: perhaps there exists better inspiration for you in these? Whatever gets your heart racing and however you generate enthusiasm for what you do, own and make it yours. I’m looking forward to amplifying my workouts this week with some TRX and other new toning exercises I’ve learned: I’m also looking to shake things up by having something different to do every night this week. I believe in routine and establishing good habits to stay on track and continue progress: that won’t change. However, I also believe in reward. When you’ve stuck to a plan and accomplished a few goals, choose a reward that makes sense for you. For me, that means breaking up week-night monotony with Trivia, Salsa, MTG and a new meetup I’m checking out. How will you reward your routine?

Exercise Rewards

stay fit on vacation    

health lies we tell ourselves  

AmpLIFEied Newsfeed     

Tracking Apps for Runners    

Running Shoe Guide    

Lean Eating/Men’s Health        

TRX: Heat Wave Exercises


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