#Whatsfittrending: Balance

Mid-week saunters longingly toward week-end, routines are well-ensconced once more and here we arrive at Thursday. Today’s reads captured my attention given their congruities of balance. I.e., Literal balance during physical activity, balance in nutrition and balance in our approaches to how we train clients. Nearly everything maintains a balance – some of us prove veritable tours de force in its accomplishment, and others of us prove less facile,  in constant disequilibrium striving to achieve that coveted centered thrust. While the progress might be slow and the broader picture more difficult to visualize while we’re enduring it, those times of disequilibrium are when we learn the most. {1} However you define success and whichever methods work for you in steadying the buffs, evaluate it to learn how you can center yourself again when things get hectic.

bosu fitness  

pros and cons of paleo    

impact of adiposity on cardiac health  

bosu chiropractics 

selecting the volume and frequency for your clients

strength training /S the gym  

the role of muscle fibers  

perfect fat-loss day?
{1} This is a Piagetian theory: he posited that learning cannot occur without disequilibrium, a period of challenging what one knows as s/he experiences “cognitive conflict.”


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