#Whatsfittrending: Conflict Among Giants

Today rolled in quietly, unassumingly. My quest for trends started in a smooth progression but rapidly escalated to a verification crescendo: each source appeared at odds with the prior one I’d read; I viewed the authors bickering over science and results. Even when we have vetted our sources, checked the citations and re-read what we thought we’d misunderstood the first go-around, information can be daunting, confusing and inconclusive. Below are posts and links debating butter pros and cons; quick workouts and cons to exercise; why you should exercise; why you are not losing weight, and other hotly contested topics among the monoliths in the field: I urge you to develop your own opinions about what works best for you and where you see the balance of each argument shifting.

7-minute workout

down-side to exercise

Implementing a company wellness program

key to senior fitness

 habits that prevent weight loss

join a gym for a higher GPA

Ginger for Recovery

Simplify Running Training Like Elites

12 foods to get rid of forever

conversely, butter is good?

best weight loss for the money




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