#Whatsfittrending: New Discoveries

In an age when information sits perpetually in our grasp, we might find ourselves slightly less shocked by appalling news, less impressed by feats of awesomeness, and we might even forget what our Librarians or Media Specialists taught us as we learned the research process: a filtering requirement still exists to prune the inexact from the accurate. I took three reads of a topic this morning before I decided to include it in today’s content, mostly because the first source lacked legitimacy – yes, I judge books by covers, or in this case web pages by questionable graphics. I won’t deliberate on which topic below, but please understand that I do take the time to present information that not only trends because of its widespread nature but because it really should matter to the industry.

I am also incredibly enthusiastic about presenting a new discovery [of mine] that absolutely made my day: http://proteinbakeryuk.co.uk/!  My boyfriend and I have dreamed about opening a bakery: one that appeals to the delights of those who savor sweets but also caters to the health conscience in each of us. By 15 years, this incredible bakery beat us to it, and I couldn’t be happier! Kudos to @proteinbakeryUK: my hat is tipped!

Below are your trends for today’s #whatsfittrending: Happy Reading!


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