#Whatsfittrending #4: Monday Motivation!

Welcome to a new work-week and a new workout-week (for some)! With long runs and a bit of relaxing under our belts, most of us are ready to dig our heels into a new week of challenges, highlights, struggles and personal victories: let’s do this!

Below are some different sorts of articles to review: the discussions focus on sources of motivation, how to improve one’s personal training craft, a few thoughts on running form and running economy, your supplementation, and a new  direction I will be taking things with chiropractics and pregnancy. I understand that for some physical therapists who read this blog, chiropractics is not necessarily a preferred topic. As an individual who respects all science and the meritorious efforts and varied philosophies of those contributing to the wellness field, I will post information that is balanced, researched and promotes intellectual exchange.

extrinsic motivation

burn the fat blog 

vitamin D and exercise 

talent code

chiropractics during pregnancy    

new journal for industry standards

arm swing and running economy 


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