We live in an exciting time with advances in science, technology and medicine occurring almost daily. We live in a terrifying time as well: a confusing one on top of that, if you read the news headlines. My efforts here are invested in clarifying the murky waters of fitness, nutrition and health, although some aspects might include new positions on science, technology and medicine: for political matters I defer to the experts in that/those field(s). #Whatsfittrending is a clearinghouse of news items in health & fitness with some vignettes you might find noteworthy and up for further discussion: I certain hope you do!

Here’s #whatsfittrending today:

NOXPLODE, detox dietsepidemiology of strokes, metabolic training, Nude races, what to eat/drink for sore muscles and new discussion in dietary fat & heart wellness.

I try my best to tweet, GooglePlus and otherwise post these and the posts from the blog. This is further linked through my IDEAfit profile and all of the commentary is available to you here!

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