#Whatsfittrending: Affecting Change through Attitude and Goal-Setting

In order to affect change, there exists a requirement to evaluate the full circumstance. We are our best change agents, yet we are also our fiercest competitors. Negative self-chatter, lack of confidence, fear of failure and other behavioral-emotional states impede our ability to progress through change to a new “us.” Intrinsic motivation – the desire to accept a challenge and be successful in achieving or exceeding a goal – is an imperative ally on the path to change. How do we inspire it?

Through personal inventory.

We have to really learn, know, accept and understand what motivates us – what are our purposes and rationales for doing what we do? There is a concept of evaluation to which good personal trainers and wellness counselors or other health professionals will adhere. These professionals perform an intake or inventory with clients or patients and they listen: they do not preach, they do not make any recommendations until they have a full picture. They work WITH individuals to support their growth and change in an incredibly difficult process. Knowing yourself and accepting yourself are first steps in behavioral change that can improve your attitudes toward life-changing habits – difficult changes to make. We sometimes undermine how hard it is to accept our circumstance and radically alter how we live: I’ve been there.

Here are some questions to ask yourself first in preparation for what you might be asked by a trainer, coach or healthcare professional. These are just for consideration – this is not a test and there is no passing or failing. Take this time for you. I’ve included some trending links to other sites on attitudes and goal-setting. I wish you very well in your journey: by all means, post a question or contact me privately if you have other requests for information.

  •  Take a moment to think about your past medical history or your family’s medical history and how this influences your current health status.
  • Think about your current environment at home, work, social settings: are there stressors? How do you deal with them?
  • Are you currently taking any medications that affect your health, mood or energy levels?
  • What are current attitudes toward exercise?
  • Have you participated in physical activity before? What did you do, and what was the frequency and intensity?
  • What has encouraged your desire to make a change?
  • How do you envision change and success?
  • What do you hope to achieve through weight loss and fitness?
  • Do you have a network or support system as you engage in change?
  • Do you see any barriers to participating in a fitness/wellness program at this time?
  • List some of your specific short-term goals:
  • List some of your specific long-term goals:
  • What are your expectations for yourself once you have reached your targeted goals?
  • How will you cope with a set-back?
  • How will you handle boredom and fatigue?
  • Once you have achieved the success that you define for yourself, how do you think you will feel?

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#Whatsfittrending: Failing

Failure possesses both negative and positive qualities: quotes abound regarding each camp. Failing at something is different from performing something to failure. But even in our failures there is so much more to learn about ourselves and our process – if we’re invested in doing better. I’ve discussed failure on this blog before: I’m no stranger to it. But I found a few #MidweekMotivation posts that rekindled my interest in visiting the concept. Call it a targeted trend again, but this time the trend sought me.

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#Whatsfittrending: Trivia Tuesday Edition!!

Trivia represents both anxiety and rapture for me – a fitting diametric opposition within my complex personality. I never back down from a challenge, yet my ADHD introduces bone rattling anxiety and a fear of looking incredibly stupid. Nearly every Tuesday, my boyfriend and I go to a local pub for trivia night…OK, and nachos – flaws admitted. We feverishly scramble to answer each of the three 10-question rounds perfectly. Sometimes, you just know when something is out of your wheelhouse: for me, it’s mechanics and engineering; for him it’s fashion and pop culture. For the times our friends join us, we are all the better for it and have even enjoyed placing a time or two. In the spirit of the game I’ve assembled questions on today’s trends, Answers hidden until you click for them. {You can sort of cheat by reviewing my twitter feed first, but that’s not testing yourself, is it?!}

Good Luck!

  1. The most recent advice to support prevention and management of diabetes is for doctors to prescribe what?  Answer
  2. What is the most effective method for cardiovascular function improvement after myocardial infarction?        Answer
  3. What are two of the largest threats to runners racing in the summer? Answer
  4. In proper running form, how should your foot strike the ground?    Answer
  5. What are the characteristics of a bad personal trainer? (There are several; this article focused on five) Answer
  6. This specific type of adipose tissue can increase a metabolism by 15%: what is it? Answer
  7. Elite athletes might consult this type of medicine in order to prevent or rehab injuries and perform better: name the medical category and the practice.   Answer
  8. In order to better engage the core during a workout, you should do this: ___________    Answer
  9. An elite fitness system that focuses on a varied challenging daily routine has stormed through “box gyms.” What is it and what is the daily routine called? Answer
  10. This nighttime land of immersive light and sound provides a unique running experience. Answer

Lightning Round!

He is The Father of the Low Carbohydrate Diet Answer

*Hint: It is not Dr. Atkins.

#Whatsfittrending: Routines and Rewards

Welcome to a new week: a new opportunity to perform better, eat leaner and feel your best! The weekend, as predicted, elapsed in a blink and now, here we are: Monday. Monday Motivation is a common thread in itself: perhaps there exists better inspiration for you in these? Whatever gets your heart racing and however you generate enthusiasm for what you do, own and make it yours. I’m looking forward to amplifying my workouts this week with some TRX and other new toning exercises I’ve learned: I’m also looking to shake things up by having something different to do every night this week. I believe in routine and establishing good habits to stay on track and continue progress: that won’t change. However, I also believe in reward. When you’ve stuck to a plan and accomplished a few goals, choose a reward that makes sense for you. For me, that means breaking up week-night monotony with Trivia, Salsa, MTG and a new meetup I’m checking out. How will you reward your routine?

Exercise Rewards

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TRX: Heat Wave Exercises

#Whatsfittrending: Running and Relaxing

Sundays are the quintessential day off: we’re wholly immersed in weekend mind-frames, relaxing from that which Saturday introduced. Cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping are likely a day apart, dinners and drinks with friends might have kept us up later than customary and we’re looking to Sunday to rest and recover. As you mull over a weekly renaissance, consider some of the following articles to guide your process.


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#Whatsfittrending: Weekend Welcome

Welcome to the weekend! Without much adieu, I will provide some helpful links below for you to peruse as you continue your fitness journey. The common thread among these posts is only that they are all invested in health and wellness.

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#Whatsfittrending: Selfies, Certs and Regs

I broke my own code this morning, and ostensibly junked my own science: my promise on this blog has been to promote efficacious, trending fitness news. Today, a spark runneth through me that shalt not wither until its screech is universally audible: I deliberately sought information on a specific trend and applied it to my writing. That trend might speak to some of you, although you might find yourselves peering at one another over the fence: selfies do not a trainer make.

Let me be very clear: I laud those whose commitment to fitness and health are visible and inarguable. I appreciate that there are trends toward healthy fitness attitudes, even with a competitive spirit so long as that spirit does not concern itself with making others feel bad. In a generation consumed by digital media and #FOMO, what does not get promoted deteriorates, its mark never once a glimmer on the timeline. However, Instagram devotees are indelibly minted, their hashtagged photos rapidly metamorphosing that which we see first on our feeds. The ability to do this is actually commendable…as long as the promoter is not claiming to be something s/he is not, i.e., certified or licensed if they hold no degrees or credentials in the field. Posting a selfie and describing your workout is generally positive.

The fitness industry has endured a tumultuous legacy: one tarnished by unregulated authorities before a generation of standardization further legitimized what a few early trenders knew to be ethical. For further clarity, the intent behind today’s post it not to slap the selfie-taker’s hand, but rather to caution those seeking information and how unregulated information-dispensing could harm you. Below is a briefing on some certs & regs:

A Personal Trainer is a person authorized to guide exercisers through a workout – has completed a college degree and/or has completed a specifically designed program from an accredited agency earning a credential. A fitness enthusiast who happens to work out frequently – and may be exceptionally well-read – is not necessarily a personal trainer by regulatory standards. If a personal trainer does not also hold a nutrition certification, s/he should NOT be giving nutritional advice to clients: to do so is unethical.

A Nutrition Specialist is an individual who has completed a nutrition program and received a certification from an accredited agency. This individual may guide clients through basic nutrition education and support with plans and programs, but s/he is not credentialed to provide “prescription” diet plans. Additionally, if this individual is not credentialed as a Personal Trainer, s/he should NOT be giving clients exercise advice.

A Nutritionist has completed a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in an accredited Nutrition program and is licensed by a national board. This individual has a recognized authority above a specialist, and is able to provide prescription diets.

A Sports Psychologist is a an individual who has completed a course of study pertinent to the field. There are degrees, certification and licenses associated with this burgeoning field so if you seek one such person, request to view his/her credentials.

For all others lacking regulated credentials, the terms “enthusiast” or “expert” might be applied, although expert comes with a perceived responsibility.


And, now, today’s “trends”:

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#Whatsfittrending: Balance

Mid-week saunters longingly toward week-end, routines are well-ensconced once more and here we arrive at Thursday. Today’s reads captured my attention given their congruities of balance. I.e., Literal balance during physical activity, balance in nutrition and balance in our approaches to how we train clients. Nearly everything maintains a balance – some of us prove veritable tours de force in its accomplishment, and others of us prove less facile,  in constant disequilibrium striving to achieve that coveted centered thrust. While the progress might be slow and the broader picture more difficult to visualize while we’re enduring it, those times of disequilibrium are when we learn the most. {1} However you define success and whichever methods work for you in steadying the buffs, evaluate it to learn how you can center yourself again when things get hectic.

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{1} This is a Piagetian theory: he posited that learning cannot occur without disequilibrium, a period of challenging what one knows as s/he experiences “cognitive conflict.”

#Whatsfittrending: Conflict Among Giants

Today rolled in quietly, unassumingly. My quest for trends started in a smooth progression but rapidly escalated to a verification crescendo: each source appeared at odds with the prior one I’d read; I viewed the authors bickering over science and results. Even when we have vetted our sources, checked the citations and re-read what we thought we’d misunderstood the first go-around, information can be daunting, confusing and inconclusive. Below are posts and links debating butter pros and cons; quick workouts and cons to exercise; why you should exercise; why you are not losing weight, and other hotly contested topics among the monoliths in the field: I urge you to develop your own opinions about what works best for you and where you see the balance of each argument shifting.

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#Whatsfittrending: New Discoveries

In an age when information sits perpetually in our grasp, we might find ourselves slightly less shocked by appalling news, less impressed by feats of awesomeness, and we might even forget what our Librarians or Media Specialists taught us as we learned the research process: a filtering requirement still exists to prune the inexact from the accurate. I took three reads of a topic this morning before I decided to include it in today’s content, mostly because the first source lacked legitimacy – yes, I judge books by covers, or in this case web pages by questionable graphics. I won’t deliberate on which topic below, but please understand that I do take the time to present information that not only trends because of its widespread nature but because it really should matter to the industry.

I am also incredibly enthusiastic about presenting a new discovery [of mine] that absolutely made my day: http://proteinbakeryuk.co.uk/!  My boyfriend and I have dreamed about opening a bakery: one that appeals to the delights of those who savor sweets but also caters to the health conscience in each of us. By 15 years, this incredible bakery beat us to it, and I couldn’t be happier! Kudos to @proteinbakeryUK: my hat is tipped!

Below are your trends for today’s #whatsfittrending: Happy Reading!