WalkingFit: A Beach Confidence Workout

Circuit training remains a veritable monolith among continuous exercisers. Even to those for whom exercise is somewhat of an afterthought, circuit training stands the beacon of light back to a fitter way of living. Both its prominence and its longevity are attributed to its purpose: effective, efficient exercising with minimal equipment. “Functional Exercise” is another way to look at circuit training: during functional exercise, we use our body weight to perform motions translatable to every day life (carrying children, lifting groceries in and out the car, etc.). Commercial exercise programs have built empires from roots firmly embedded in circuit training’s humble foundation, and with good reason: it works!

Before getting to this particular circuit, here is a list of resources that might provide you a greater context for the importance of incorporating circuits into a cardio-driven programme:

HI Circuit training/ACSM:


HI Circuit Training and Hypertension:


Circuit Training for Runners


Preparing for the summer? An event? Or just want to look & feel fitter? Here you go:

Walk 2-5 miles at a brisk pace (13-15min/mi)

Pyramid for Saddlebags and Obliques:

30 Plank Jacks

30 Side saddle lifts (each side)

30 Bent-knee donkey kicks

30 Adductors

30 crunches

30 axe chops

30 bicycles

Repeat at intervals of 25, 20, 15, 10 and 5. Finish with 25 push-ups.


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