Crank & Burn – Adapting Lindsay Messina’s Cardio Crank into an Indoor Interval Workout

{indoor winter workout}I get it – we’re so over this disgusting, slushy weather in the Northeast/Eastern seaboard and however far winter’s icy grip reaches. I’m sure some states roll their proverbial eyes at others’ inability to cope. Suffice to say: it’s drab and dreary and it just sucks.

So….Indoor workouts it is! I’ve been scouring books, websites, magazines – all in the name of keeping my indoor, minimal equipment workouts fun and effective. The following circuit borrows from Lindsay Messina’s Cardio Crank workout – an effective workout that will have you sweating and panting all on its own! I’ve adapted it to meet my 10k training needs, incorporating other principles of HIIT and the cardio-resistance balance.

Warm up and 1st cardio Interval: 5 minutes on elliptical or stairmaster (or treadmill if you have access)

10 Jumping Jacks

10 Oblique twists (count on one side)

10 grinders (plank position, alternating bringing one foot up to hand; 10 EACH SIDE!)

10 squats

10 High knees (count for each knee, therefore 20)

10 sec jog in place (this is where you breathe!)

10 push up set-ups

Repeat three or more times: if you are exceptionally fit, you might be able to eek out more cycles, so keep going! You could also bookend the cardio and do circuits several times through. For example extend the warm-up to 7 minutes, do the circuit 5, 6, 7 times and add a warm-down of 7 minutes with cardio.

3x: 15 minutes of cardio and ~4.5 minutes circuit, depending on how quickly you move through the circuit

4x: 20 minutes cardio and 6 minutes circuit

5x: 25 minutes cardio and 7.5 minutes circuit



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