Modified Indoor Cardio Interval XT

The following workout is modified from a variety of other workouts.(1)(2)To create an effective fat-burning indoor cross-training workout capable of maintaining current endurance levels on days when running is not possible due to limited gym access or inclement weather, use this suite of exercises to achieve similar results. Each cycle is seven minutes: use a sport watch or pedometer to gauge your individual distance and/or calorie-burning preferences. As always, incorporate additional or varied exercises to accommodate your fitness level.

For one minute each, do the following:
* Jumping Jacks
* Lateral or skater jumps
* oblique twist
* hamstring curls, step-ups or reverse lunges
* high knees or kicks
* jog in place
* pendulum or “Axel Rose”


I did this workout for a total of 56 minutes (i.e., 7 times) and burned crazy calories. I admit my initial skepticism that I would in fact get a runner-worthy workout: I did, and I had two days of sore muscles to prove it!

I am super impressed with this circuit as well, which spurs me to consider adding another 1 minute on the stairmaster. I agree: music is a HUGE benefit for these workouts!


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