Trigger Foods, Intolerances and IBS

While it is reasonable to suggest that every body is different and each of us will process and metabolize foods somewhat differently based on a variety of confounding factors (quantity, duration, frequency, pairing with other foods, etc), some people have tremendous difficulty processing a similar list of trigger foods; more so than the rest of us. I hail from a legacy of poor-metabolizers: lactose intolerant, garlic intolerant, bottomless-pit-until-I-need-Pepto-intolerant…somehow I have managed to ravage food bins unscathed. But my beloved, not so much.

Here is a list of links that might shed some light on whether or not you truly suffer from an intolerance, if you are prone to overeat, or if there are a few foods you might to consider avoiding for a bit to see how you feel:

IBS Cheat sheet from IBS Cooking for Dummies

Joy Bauer Common IBS Trigger Foods

Healing Well: Eating for IBS


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