September Challenge

September Challenge!

Welcome Friends! Seeking extra fitness motivation? Take this 30-day challenge with us! Not only are there cardio options available to you and immediate social network resources for Q&A, but I’ll be posting links and articles for your quick-and-dirty reference the entire time: I’m here to support you in whatever manner you need or request it. However, the onus is on YOU to take the challenge and push yourself into your next echelon of fitness success. This particular challenge is broken into two sub-challenges: Challenge A is for individuals who exercise daily and consistently perform 30-45 minutes of cardio most days of the week. Challenge B is directed toward beginners who are looking to improve their fitness levels, increase activity and add more steps to their days.

Participation is simple: Choose your Challenge, log in to our Facebook Group Page (EastwickFit Challenge Group) with your activity, seek advice and tips from your fellow challengers and look forward to some great prizes…in addition to improved health!

When: September 1-30

What: EastwickFit September Challenge Facebook Group

Challenge A: the “Marathon-a-week”

The Goal: Run/walk a cumulative 26.2 miles per week*

The Objective: Increase cardiovascular fitness, VO2Max, and improve overall health and wellness.

Action Plan: Split out your miles however you like, as long as you reach 26.2 miles EVERY WEEK! Remember to include some cross training, strength training, core work and stretching.

My recommendation?

Aim for 4-5 miles most days of the week. Try to get a mid-week cross-training session in with P90x, weightlifting (anaerobic), yoga or swimming.

Challenge B: The “Half-Marathon-a-Week:

The Goal: Run/walk a cumulative 13.1 miles per week.*

The Objective: Increase fitness levels and improve cardiovascular endurance. Your true goals and objectives should be invested in trying to do a bit more each week.

Plan to walk or run 2 miles 4 days during the week, then include a “long” day on the weekend totaling about 4 miles. If you can incorporate core work and strength training (I recommend you do, but start slowly if you are very new), you will be well on your way to seeing incredible fitness results! Again, I am here to support through this process.

*Counting Steps: 1 mile is the very rough equivalent of 2000 steps (this step-count is wholly dependent on your gait and stride length). Therefore, 5 miles per day is {roughly} the optimal 10,000 steps. So, for those of you using pedometers and cardio machines that present difficulty in gauging accurate distances (a stairmaster, an elliptical or a recumbent bike) I will accept step counts converted to miles…but I will expect that you participate to the full extent of your abilities – this is for YOU!


Every week, I will randomly choose a day that has a “pop-quiz”: this is a mini-challenge for that day only. These might include squats, burpees, push-ups or sprints…the core thesis is that this is a CHALLENGE – embrace it! For anyone who accepts the Pop-quiz and logs it into our FB group page (honor system!) I will enter your name into the prize drawing section, which could include FREE registration to the Finisher below, plus other cool stuff like resistance bands, pedometers and Shakeology samples. Fantastic, right?!

For BOTH Groups:

The Finisher: Chadds Ford Run the Vineyards 5k and 10k Race–woods-and-vines-trail-10k

I really look forward to working out with everyone and sharing your new fitness peaks! Call, e-mail or message me with any questions.

Cheers and best wishes for excellent health,



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